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Denture Services in the Tri-Cities Area – Fabrication and Repairs

Port Coquitlam Denture Clinic offers a full range of denture services in the Tri-Cities area for patients who have lost natural teeth through decay, accident, or other causes. Our in-house provides consistent fabrication of your denture. Our commitment to quality ensures that your dentures will remain attractive, functional, and comfortable for years to come. Some of the products and services at Port Coquitlam Denture Clinic include:


   Complete and partial dentures

   Dentures over implants/overdentures

   Relines and rebases

   Immediate dentures



Denture Repairs


If you’re facing issues due to cracks and chips on your dentures, trust us to fix them for you. We can handle all your denture repair needs. We also recommend a quick cleaning and polishing to restore the colour and shine of your dentures.


Our denture clinic in Port Coquitlam has advanced equipment to ensure you receive quality services amidst a pleasant and comfortable environment. Whether it is your first set of dentures or overdentures, let our denturist help you with all your denture needs in the Tri-Cities area.


Choose Our Denturist


If you are missing some of your natural teeth, we can provide you with complete or partial dentures according to traditional methods of tooth replacement. Our denturist can create an immediate or partial denture based on your specific requirement. Call us today .

Improve Function and Appearance with Our Dentures


We offer a full range of dentures that act as effective replacements for your missing teeth.

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