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Dentures over Implants

Dentures over Implants in Tri-Cities

You can often experience discomfort with your dentures due to movement and slippage along the gums. It can also be difficult to eat your favourite foods, to speak, and to smile with confidence. Fortunately, our dentures over implants can restore your dental function and appearance. If you are having issues with your dentures that are not sitting securely, Port Coquitlam Denture Clinic can help improve stability, function, and appearance.


How It Works


Unlike conventional dentures, dentures over implants use dentures to secure the dental implants that are inserted into your gums. They also require routine checkups and occasional adjustments or replacements every five years or so. One of the major benefits is that they can stay in place but are also removable.


Dentures over implants can also:


   Provide better aesthetics
   Cause less food seepage under the denture
   Decrease gum/tissue shrinkage
   Improve tooth stability while eating
   Improve confidence through better retention


Our denturist at Port Coquitlam Denture Clinic can determine whether your smile would benefit from dentures over implants.
Contact our denture clinic.

Improve Function and Appearance with Our Dentures


We offer a full range of dentures that act as effective replacements for your missing teeth.

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